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September 29, 2009

Learn to draw caricatures free

Learn to draw caricatures free

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Learn to draw caricatures free on my caricature website and blog. In the coming weeks I will be featuring how to draw step by step caricatures and free caricature lessons. As well as how to draw pet caricatures. I’ve done some new caricature drawings lately that I would like to feature on my blog. The first thing is to find good photo reference of your celebrity you are trying to draw. Go to Google images and find the best likeness of your celebrity or famous person. What image best represents the facial features and expression of that actor or actress. I drew a celebrity caricature of Harrison Ford. Harrison is best known as Indiana Jones, but I did not want to draw him in his world famous Indiana Jones Hat.
I looked for the notorious crooked smile in my photo reference of Harrison.
Analyze the facial features, What do you see?
Harrison Ford Photo Reference

This picture worked the best for the cartoon caricature illustration I created. I remembered the crooked smile is classic Harrison Ford.
He’s also got a weird chin, It’s got a ball shape inside but also has a slight cleft chin. The nose is sort of long and tube shaped. The nois also sort of moving in a bend. In a different direction then straight. Harrison also has a bit of a jowl going on in his older age. Ford’s ears are two different sizes and one is higher on the face the other is lower. In Analysizing the eyes you can tell they are quite squinty. He also has a prominent brow. I also went for his shaggy mussed up gray spikey hair style.
caricature of Harrison Ford
Here is my finished Caricature of Harrison Ford. Hope you learned something from me about caricature art. Please enjoy my Blog and Website and link up to me, and check back often for more caricature and cartooning tips.
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